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Everyone appreciates convenience and appealing aesthetics in their home, as well as elements like a fresh indoor environment and more daylight. Yet, it is through the female perspective that Fisher Homes are designed. Fisher Homes offer the option to incorporate operable venting skylights, which freshen up indoor air and allow for the natural extraction of “used air.”

Key Testimonials

  • “Adding more daylight helps our customers live more comfortably in their homes.” – Sarah Fisher, VP of Design at Fisher Homes.
  • “We’ve got buyers who recognized that if you reduce your dependence on electric lighting and your dependence on the air conditioner because you are able to get good venting through skylights—that appeals to them because of that green connotation.” – Paul Foresman, of Design Basics.
  • “In the summer, we’ll open the skylights and use the natural venting to draw up hot air for natural cooling. It’s a significant air conditioning savings.” – Rich Wong, homeowner.