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Polished concrete flooring is a natural material and inherently sustainable. It is the best of both worlds: outshining other flooring system alternatives by offering their most attractive qualities with fewer drawbacks. Manufacturing it requires no solvents or volatile organic compounds; it is odorless, non-flammable and non-toxic. Due to its sustainability, polished concrete greatly benefits facility owners and managers, as it costs significantly less to maintain compared to other flooring solutions.

This report examines how and why polished concrete excels as a flooring system alternative, while meeting Eneref Institute’s environmental benchmarks for sustainability.

Key Facts

  • Polished concrete is incredibly sustainable because it undergoes a mechanical polishing process. Other flooring systems are manufactured using chemicals, and are therefore far less ecologically and sustainably maintained.
  • Polished concrete can reduce your lighting load. If the proper polishing steps are performed, polished concrete adds to ambient light in your facility, reducing its lighting load.