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Across the US, few residential consumers benefit from the most efficient cooling technology because antiquated testing metrics have not kept up with the most recent advances. Worse still, utility rebates often incentivize older technologies. As a result, in the US alone, over 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are unnecessarily expelled into the atmosphere each year due to inefficient cooling systems installed in homes.

Key Facts

  • Energy savings grow as well because inverter systems typically need to operate at full capacity only 8% of the time.
  • VRV systems use inverter-driven technology and sensors to precisely regulate energy load. Although these systems are 30% more efficient than traditional single-stage air conditioners.
  • Globally, the $100 billion air conditioner industry represents 4.26 quadrillion BTUs of energy per year—the energy equivalent of 350 average-sized coal-fired power plants running continuously for a year.