Valkyrie DMCC is a management consulting firm based in Dubai that is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations achieve their goals. Recently, Valkyrie has partnered with the Eneref Institute, a non-profit organization focused on sustainable development, to amplify their clients’ positive social impact.”

“This powerful collaboration combines Valkyrie’s expertise in social impact consulting with Eneref’s knowledge of sustainable solutions to help clients achieve their environmental and social sustainability goals. Valkyrie DMCC and the Eneref Institute work together to identify key social and environmental issues, create strategies that address those issues, and assist in implementing solutions.”

“By identifying and prioritizing sustainability issues, setting goals, and implementing solutions, businesses and organizations can align their operations with their values and mission while building stronger relationships with stakeholders. This partnership empowers businesses and organizations to become agents of change in their communities, creating a better future for all.”

“Implementing sustainable practices and social impact initiatives not only improves a business or organization’s reputation but also attracts and retains top talent, creating long-term value for themselves and the communities they serve.”

“Overall, the partnership between Valkyrie DMCC and the EnerEf Institute is an exciting collaboration that can have a significant positive impact on MENA and GCC society. By combining their expertise, they help businesses and organizations achieve their sustainability goals while creating value for their stakeholders and communities, working towards a more sustainable and equitable world.”

“About Valkyrie DMCC”

“VALKYRIE DMCC is a management consultancy company licensed by Dubai Multi Commodities Center and operates in Dubai JLT Free Zone specialized in Company Formation in UAE, Recruiting and Headhunting, Executive Search, Accounting and Bookkeeping, VAT Declaration, Marketing, Branding and Public Relations.”