April 17, 2023

Video Series to Brand Jordan — 04-20-23

Media Contact: Flavia Dinnebier
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Eneref Institute to Produce Video Series to Brand Jordan as Ideal Tourist Destination and Global Environmental Leader

WASHINGTON DC, APRIL 24, 2023 – Eneref Institute (eneref.org) will produce a series of videos to encourage environmental leadership within the Kingdom of Jordan. Simultaneously, the videos will highlight the enticing beauty, communal warmth and unparalleled safety the county offers its citizens and visitors. Eneref Institute, founded in 2001, is a Washington DC-based research and advocacy organization for sustainable development. As part of its Lead The Leap Campaign the video series will be brought back and presented in Washington DC to demonstrate the ideas presented in the series.

Each video episode will highlight a unique aspect of the country—beyond the celebrated tourist sites—focusing instead on various local businesses and organizations. Youthful actors will be drawn from native Jordanians and Palastinians who will venture into the cities and countryside and interact with everyday businesses and business owners. The tone of the videos will be jovial, to accentuate the warmth, safety and excitement of the country. While the actors will demonstrate the easy-tempered Jordanian lifestyle they will also engage business owners in serious discussions about how Jordan’s economy can develop into a more environmentally friendly future.

Situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, Jordan has many reasons to present itself as a top tourist destination, including architecture, weather, beauty, culture, nightlife, infrastructure, medical care, history and geography. Amman, the capital, is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Jordan was the first Arab country to establish a free trade agreement with the United States and the country has attracted large foreign investments. The proportion of well-educated and skilled workers in Jordan is among the highest in the region.

Yet, unlike other countries within the Arab world, Jordan is relatively unknown. That offers Jordan a white canvas to brand the nation and its people in a way that demonstrates its unique cultural value in the world. It is the unique cultural value that the Eneref video series will present.

Eneref Institute’s Lead The Leap Campaign trumpets forward-thinking leaders who are reinventing the future and leading our leap into a greener, earth-friendly economy. Additional Eneref Reports will elevate sustainable success stories within the Arab region. Corporate business leaders who are laying the groundwork for a growth strategy that includes environmental and sustainable business practices, and would like their organization to be highlighted in an Eneref Report, should contact Eneref Institute. Impact investors are invited to download Eneref Reports.

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