July 1, 2018

Daylight in a Craft Studio

“In the right kind of natural light we can see a more realistic picture of all our colors, the slight differences. It’s inspirational to our creative process.” 

Eneref Institute examines how natural interior daylight saves on energy while creating a healthy work environment.

Because Camphill Village encourages and honors the individuality and creativity of its residents with special needs, a large-scale construction was planned for their four diverse, onsite craft studios. The goal of the two new buildings was to further Camphill’s mission to provide an environment where each resident has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.

A key design element of the new studio buildings was the use of natural interior daylight as a primary light source.

On 615 acres of wooded hills in rural upstate New York, residents and volunteers live and work together as equals in extended families in homes throughout the Village.

“We are an intentional community that includes people with special needs,” explained Nancy O’Leary, Camphill Village Director of Development.

As part of our Natural Interior Daylight Initiative, Eneref Institute interviewed the following key participants from Camphill Village for this advocacy report: Jos Smeele, Director of Infrastructure; Rose Airing, Weavery Manager; Ted Sumners, Stained Glass Studio Manager; and Nancy O’Leary, Development Director. Eneref also interviewed architect Andrea Kowalski and David Jordan, Foreman for McClure Construction.


Camphill Village Director of Development Nancy O’Leary said, “We are really a place for people with special needs, but it’s certainly a nice add-on to say that we are a sustainable community, too.”

Right to Daylight