January 1, 2018

Daylight in the Karndean Flooring Warehouse

“And we definitely made the right decision. But it is even better to hear the reaction of our employees.” 

Eneref Institute examines how a holistic approach to lighting improves morale and performance in a warehouse facility

Karndean is an international vinyl tile flooring manufacturer with their US headquarters and warehouse near Pittsburgh, PA. In this facility, the company has moved aggressively toward environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Karndean has won ‘Top Workplaces’ by Workplace Dynamics and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette four years in a row, based solely on employee feedback. And in 2015 the company constructed a new warehouse and distribution center employing an innovative lighting system designed to significantly reduce energy use while improving the work environment.

“We looked for opportunities to leverage best practices within budget that are environmentally conscious and give our employees the best working environment to help them do their jobs,” said Bill Anderson Vice President of Operations of Karndean. “And we definitely made the right decision. But it is even better to hear the reaction of our employees.”

Karndean is a global company with manufacturing facilities in numerous countries throughout the world. The US distribution center ships merchandise, and also designs and creates flooring display boards for show rooms across the US. Within the flooring industry the company is known for their high-quality display boards that are large enough for customers to get the look and feel of what a floor will look like in their homes.


“I think there are going to be hard savings and soft savings,” said Bill Anderson, Vice President of Operations of Karndean, “employee morale and the ability to do your job better. And we can actually say to customers and to potential vendors, ‘We made these decisions and look how great it looks.’”

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