August 1, 2018

Eneref Institute examines how a thrift shop employed color-shifted daylighting to enhance their office

“In a retrofit project, tubular devices just make sense. They work, and they get you natural light.”

Human-Centric Lighting Adds Refinement to Goodwill Office Space

Goodwill, the nonprofit organization known for repurposing used clothing into assets for their mission to employ people with barriers to full-time work, has double-downed on their sustainability efforts in one building in Hampton Roads, VA.

With a focus on sustainability, Goodwill converted an abandoned Target into a Goodwill support center with three retail stores and a Community Employment Center. In doing so, the organization added yet another means of reaching its ultimate goal: lifting up people and strengthening communities by repurposing that which society too quickly abandons.

Most notable for its design and sustainability is a new skylight technology in the open office area of the Hampton facility.

Ed Mack, Senior Manager of Real Estate & Construction for Goodwill Virginia, is a proponent of sustainable building practices throughout the Goodwill stores he builds—especially natural interior daylight.

“We’ve gotten to the point where the executive team is 100% on board because they see how skylights enhance our work environments,” explained Mack. “Natural light just has a better feel to it.”

In fact, sustainability is a meaningful aspect of Goodwill’s operations; the organization is a self-sustaining social enterprise that generates most of its revenue through retail stores while creating much-needed employment opportunities for its clients.


“It’s true—they’ve made a huge difference in that space. The skylights create such an appealing environment that we know they’ll have a positive long-term impact on our associates and overall mission.”

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