March 1, 2019

Eneref Institute examines how a warehouse space managed by CBRE installed an innovative daylighting system.

“Optically, the Velux Dynamic Dome has a combination of good materials that diffuses the light with an advantageous geometry,” said Mark Jongewaard of LTI Optics.  

Innovative Commercial Skylights Installed by Global 500 Realtor

As the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, CBRE plays an important leadership role in determining industry best practices within the 5 billion square feet of building facility space they manage. 

CBRE’s management knows that natural interior daylight has a positive impact on workplace health and productivity and, as such, skylights were incorporated in the warehouse space that CBRE leased to VELUX Company—themselves a leading manufacturer of skylights.    

“It is our policy to implement environmentally sustainable best practices and to meet both the letter and the spirit of all environmental laws and regulations where we do business,” according to the CBRE 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report. 

What resulted when VELUX leased their Reno, Nevada, warehouse and distribution space from CBRE Group was the installation of an entirely new commercial daylighting system.

Because VELUX had just introduced a new skylight to the commercial marketplace, branded Dynamic Dome, it was naturally the preferred skylight system for the new space leased from CBRE. 

The geometry of the Dynamic Dome is designed to bring a considerable amount of daylight into the building throughout the entire course of the day.

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Any potential loss of heat, or climate-controlled air, through the dome frame is prevented by an impenetrable thermally-broken water barrier.

Advocacy Report, Right to Daylight