July 19, 2020

Eneref Institute examines how natural interior daylight increases office productivity.

“The first time that I walked in and saw the light, I loved it. It was so refreshing. I felt good immediately.” 

Natural Light Inspires Worker Productivity For Staff Zone HQ

Staff Zone has been an innovator in headquarters, Staff Zone’s leadership the building construction industry continued their spirit of innovation by since 2002, specializing in providing incorporating modern best practices general and skilled labor to national including, among others, the use of regional contractors. When it was natural interior daylight as a primary came time to redesign their own office light source. 

“People working inside a dark enclosed space feel confined. Natural daylight makes them more inclined to be in better moods, produce more work and just be happier,” explains Sherri Harris, Staff Zone’s CEO. 

For their new headquarters, Staff Zone bought a historic, square-shaped building just outside of Atlanta in Roswell, GA. After gutting the building, Harris found that the further she explored the building interior, the darker it felt. Sam Harris, Staff Zone’s COO, was an early proponent of using window light throughout the facility, even for the interior offices—a difficult goal to accomplish given the building’s large square floor space. After several brainstorming sessions, architect Joshua Roland suggested a skylight system covering the entire rooftop to bring in natural light where windows could not. 

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“Joshua Roland worked with David Grace, of the Atlanta-based firm A Classical Studio, during the renovation.”

Advocacy Report, Right to Daylight