July 2, 2019

Eneref Institute examines the window specification decisions for a major university.

“The beauty of working with universities like USC is they want long-term, maintenance- free buildings. And they are willing to pay a premium for lasting materials.” 

Above-Code Steel Frame Windows Specified For USC Fertitta Hall

The death of climate certainty, or “climate stationarity,” is how USC Professor Daniel Mazmanian urgently warns that our built environment is not prepared for the rapidly changing climate. In a major paper, Dr. Mazmanian calls for integrating our climate future into today’s building codes. In fact, USC’s own Fertitta Hall, built soon after his paper was published, was constructed with long-term lifecycle standards in mind — incorporating solid steel-frame windows to mitigate extreme weather events locally, while integrating thermal window technologies to reduce the likelihood of those weather events globally.

Portrait of young mexican female student in the city in the summer

In his paper, USC Professor Daniel Mazmanian argues for government adaptation to climate change through stronger building codes and compliance.

Advocacy Report, Code for Climate, Right to Daylight