The Heat Pump Alliance is an Eneref Institute constellation working group and part of the Cool Room Cool Earth Campaign.

General Details

Heat Pump Alliance Working Group

Eneref’s Heat Pump Alliance unites experts to educate media on efficient heat pump benefits and sustainability.

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Our mission at the Heat Pump Alliance Working Group is to champion the widespread adoption of heat pumps in both residential homes and commercial spaces. Embracing heat pumps means a marked reduction in energy consumption, a critical insight corroborated by the US Department of Energy Report.

Promoting heat pumps in the media provides numerous benefits. Firstly, it raises public awareness about energy-efficient alternatives to traditional heating and cooling methods, showcasing heat pumps as a sustainable solution in the face of rising energy costs and environmental concerns. A well-informed public can make better choices for their homes and businesses, ultimately reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Positive media coverage can drive innovation and competition within the industry, encouraging manufacturers to continually enhance product quality and efficiency. Additionally, by highlighting the long-term savings and environmental benefits of heat pumps, the media can play a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption rate, thus contributing to national energy conservation goals and a reduced carbon footprint.

Why Participate

  • Drive our messaging about heat pumps.
  • Become a leader in your industry.
  • Be part of a group that drives change.

It’s crucial that the media comprehends the pivotal role of heat pumps in energy-efficient solutions, and participants in our alliance are uniquely positioned to shape that narrative. By being a part of Eneref’s Heat Pump Alliance, you not only champion industry standards but also have the platform to tailor messaging that resonates with media outlets. Your industry expertise not only amplifies the importance of heat pump and inverter technology but also offers a chance to spotlight your company’s innovative heating and cooling solutions, providing valuable insights to homeowners and businesses nationwide.

What We Ask

  • Fund an Eneref Report.
  • Roundtable meetings quarterly.
  • Participate as your schedule allows.

Eneref invites organizations and individuals to join the Heat Pump Alliance Working Group, fostering collaboration and enhancing stakeholder interactions to promote the advantages of heat pumps and inverters. Leveraging the credibility of an independent 3rd-party Eneref Report, we can effectively showcase these benefits to the media.



Manufacturers who become part of the Heat Pump Alliance not only gain the prestige of an Eneref Report case study but also have a decisive voice in shaping the narrative presented to the media.

Eneref Campaigns serve to rally both media and stakeholders around manufacturers’ innovative solutions, driving collective support. Through a blend of compelling Eneref Reports filled with stakeholder testimonials and powerful campaigns, Eneref opens avenues of communication, amplifying manufacturers’ messages and reinforcing their market position

Joining the Alliance offers a prime advantage: Eneref Institute’s commitment to championing heat pump technologies in both mainstream and trade media. However, this promotion is exclusively tied to technologies documented in an Eneref Report. By engaging Eneref to author a report, manufacturers validate their technology, reinforced by Eneref’s credibility as an impartial third-party advocate.

The Heat Pump Alliance is a proud pillar of the Eneref Institute’s “Cool Room, Cool Earth Campaign.” Launched half a decade ago with the mission to promote the use of inverter technology, the campaign has been a resounding success, garnering significant media attention and driving industry innovation. Recognizing the transformative potential of heat pumps in the quest for sustainable climate control, Eneref Institute is now broadening the scope of the “Cool Room, Cool Earth Campaign” to encompass and champion heat pump technologies. As a participant in the Heat Pump Alliance, manufacturers not only align themselves with a trailblazing campaign but also amplify their influence in a movement that has already captured the world’s attention.

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Heat pumps represent a leap in energy-efficient climate control, offering households and businesses a sustainable solution to their heating and cooling needs. Unlike traditional systems, heat pumps extract or dissipate heat from the outside environment, ensuring optimal indoor conditions using significantly less energy. This not only reduces energy bills but also minimizes carbon footprint, aligning with the global push for greener solutions.

However, despite these advantages, there remains a gap in public understanding regarding heat pumps. Misconceptions persist, with some viewing them as inferior to traditional systems. This is further exacerbated by instances where low-quality heat pumps have underperformed, casting a shadow over the technology’s potential.

The Eneref Institute recognizes this challenge and has taken the mantle to reframe the narrative around heat pumps through its targeted messaging in the press. Central to this endeavor is the collaboration with manufacturing participants in the Heat Pump Alliance. These manufacturers, being at the forefront of heat pump innovation, bring invaluable insights, data, and testimonials that are integral to crafting compelling Eneref Reports. These reports serve as the foundation for the messaging that Eneref presents to the media.

Why should manufacturers be interested in guiding this narrative? By having a say in the Eneref Reports, they not only get to highlight the strengths and innovations of their products but also play a crucial role in shaping public opinion. As the public becomes more informed and positive perceptions increase, the demand for heat pumps is bound to rise. This positions manufacturers favorably in a market that’s increasingly leaning towards sustainable solutions.


FOUNDING MEMBER: Friedrich Air Conditioning

The Heat Pump Alliance is open to stakeholders who want to amplify the benefits heat pump technology to reduce energy use.

  • HVAC Contractors and Installers
    Building and Construction Firms
    Energy Management and Sustainability Consultancies
    Utility Companies
    Real Estate Developers and Property Management Companies
    Government and Municipal Agencies
    Research Institutions and Universities
    Technology and Software Companies
    Retailers and Distributors of HVAC Equipment
    Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)