Brent Davidson
Summit Director



The event for contractors and building professionals serious about heat pumps

November 13th, 2023 Berkeley, California

In depth training from heat pump experts, robust industry discussions, exhibitors, and networking across the electrified building space.

The  official conference of Eneref Institute’s Heat Pump Alliance Working Group.


Summit Schedule & Registration


This Eneref Constellation Summit aims to address market challenges in the heat pump sector, with a primary focus on amplifying positive publicity about heat pumps.


The Heat Pump Summit hosts a select group of professionals dedicated solely to the heat pump and electrified buildings sector. Move beyond sprawling, multi-day conferences filled with off-topic participants; discover your niche community here.


The Heat Pump Summit is your gateway to connect with pioneering figures in the industry and expand your enterprise. Our roster includes HVAC and plumbing contractors, both emerging and established heat pump manufacturers, electrification service providers, software solutions for remote heat load estimation, as well as key players in related electrification fields like induction stoves, batteries, and smart thermostats.

What to Expect

A curated group of attendees exclusively in the heat pump and building electrification industry.

Everyone admitted to this conference is on the same team. Whether you got into this work for decarbonizing buildings or a good way to make a living, we all are here with the same goal – sell and install more heat pumps.

The day features the primary speaking track, concurrent 2-6 person roundtable conversation led by attendees (sign up to host a conversation), and ample lunch break to for meeting with key people.

This event is structured for you to meet new people. Success is you leaving with many new, meaningful connections.

Who Should Attend

You should attend if you work primarily in heat pumps or building electrification.

This summit’s focus includes a few main areas: companies making heat pumps and building electrification hardware, software for sales and remote heat load estimation, companies connecting electrification customers with contractors, demand response tech, and HVAC pro’s in the field.

For HVAC pro’s, learn how to:

  • Use remote estimating software to save truck rolls
  • Benefit from the latest heat pump hardware
  • Sell additional electrification hardware: induction stoves, EV chargers, etc
  • Benefit from working with electrification service providers
For tech providers:
  • Go deep with HVAC pro’s on how your offerings can grow their businesses
  • Learn how to provide highest value to both HVAC pro’s and end customers
  • Gain new business opportunities meeting others in the industry
  • Learn how to incorporate other tech from across the industry