November 25, 2019

New Eneref Report on VRF Technology

Eneref Institute to Publish First Report Highlighting the Advantages of Energy Efficient VRF technology.

The report is part of our Cool Room Cool Earth Campaign series, which sheds light on the necessity of inverter technology as an efficient and cost-effective tool against climate change. 

WASHINGTON DC, November 25, 2019 – Eneref Institute is excited to announce the first in a series of reports examining energy efficient inverter-driven heating and air conditioning systems as part of Cool Room Cool Earth Campaign. This first report will look at the results of variable refrigerant flow heating and air conditioning system in a multi-family highrise building in Atlanta, GA.

Eneref conducted interviews with key stakeholders for the project, including, architecture firm Surber Barber Choate + Hertlein Architects, construction company J.M. Wilkerson, engineering firm Safaie Landry, system manufacturer Friedrich Air Conditioning Co., as well as building owners Columbia Residential and several residents of the facility. All parties provided valuable insights into the process of installing an inverter-driven variable refrigerant flow heating and air conditioning system and the multiple benefits it has brought to the building.

The Cool Room Cool Earth Campaign will target leading homebuilders, commercial builders and public utilities organizations to encourage the urgent adoption of efficient inverter technology to help reduce global warming. You can visit our campaign here.

“Inverters use significantly less energy when compared to conventional constant-speed air conditioners,” explained Seth Warren Rose, founding director of Eneref Institute. “To address climate change, every system that can reduce atmospheric carbon helps.”

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