Campaign Trailer

Eneref Cool Room Cool Earth Campaign Trailer

More Efficient Air Conditioners Can Help Reduce Global Warming. Air conditioners are the fastest-growing energy demand in homes and buildings, adding millions of tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait to make changes.

Eneref “Net Zero Ready” Campaign Trailer

The Net Zero Ready campaign advocates the maximization of communities’ energy efficiency through the implementation of technology.

Architects Choose Modular Glass Skylights for Cornell University Video

As one of the most iconic college structures in the United States, the 19th-century Sibley Hall dome has been a visual reference point on the Cornell University campus for 122 years.

Water and Women Film Trailer

Girls, below the age of 15 years are twice as likely as boys of the same age, to have collecting water as their main household responsibility. In 12% of households children harbor the primary responsibility for collecting the water.