June 18, 2023

Eneref Institute examines how mangroves are a blue carbon sequestration success for SNB.

“Mangrove forests rank among the most intense carbon sinks in the biosphere, locking much more carbon into their soils than tropical forests” 

Planting Mangrove Trees Leads The Green Successes For Saudi National Bank

In 2022 Saudi National Bank affirmed their commitment to using their position as a regional financial powerhouse to support the Kingdom’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2060. In line with this drive, the Saudi bank is supporting environmental groups that are planting as many as 200,000 mangrove trees—part of the Saudi Vision 2030 effort to plant more than 100 million trees.

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), or the Saudi Central Bank, monitors and regulates the operations of banks operating within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the Saudi National Bank (SNB).

arabic sheik portrait on the desert

Each new mangrove tree planted by the Saudi National Bank reduces the total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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