Report in Progress

Report in Progress

April 27, 2020

Eneref Institute examines the use of solar-powered LED area light fixtures for energy-saving outdoor illumination.

“SolarOne Solutions combines the best of both worlds: beautiful LED lighting and photovoltaic solar power by employing a unique management system to control both for maximum efficiency and reliability” — Moneer Azzam, SolarOne Solutions President.

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July 2, 2019

Eneref Institute examines how installing steel windows in a correctional facility protects the building envelope against severe weather.

“Hope’s windows have been used in several different types of structures,” says Ryan A. Russell, Director of Marketing Product Management for Hope’s. “Every project has its own unique design and our high-quality products prevent serious weather damage.” 

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December 31, 2017

Eneref Institute examines how solar-powered outdoor LED lighting fixtures eliminate the need for underground trenching wires at Swan Lake Park in Liberty, NY.

“Liberty is proud to be included in a solar-lighting test, which we are confident will work to the benefit of our taxpayers, our public and the environment. This is the way of the future.” — Frank DeMayo, Supervisor of the town of Liberty.

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