June 17, 2016

Skylight System Benefits Workers and Saves Energy: Decisions and Results

As part of Eneref Institute’s Natural Interior Daylight Initiative, we have examined a good number of successful daylighting installations. And in every installation that we’ve researched, the response from building occupants has been the same: people who work there have told us over and over that they “love” the natural daylight in their buildings.

Beyond the obvious benefit of reducing the electric load, we’ve often found that daylighting brings soft benefits—happier, more productive employees—that far outweigh the calculated value of energy savings. And when well-designed electric lighting and proper lighting controls are added to the project, these energy and human benefits grow exponentially.

In our upcoming web forum, Eneref Institute will present the decision processes and positive results of a lighting installation that combined Sunoptics® Prismatic skylights and LED lighting with daylight harvesting lighting controls in the Karndean Distribution Center.

Read our full report on the Karndean installation project.

From extensive interviews of all stakeholders, Eneref Institute offers a quick overview of the multiple decision processes Karndean made to achieve their successful results.

We will also present the responses from Karndean building occupants, which we’ve highlighted in a two-minute video.

I invite you to our web forum to explore the obstacles and challenges overcome by key influencers including architects, engineers and facility managers and to learn why each stakeholder rated the final outcome with high marks.

When Eneref Institute began the research for our 2014 report “The Seven Market Obstacles to Daylighting,” we anticipated some of the challenges we heard from the daylighting industry. Yet, three years later—and after publishing over a dozen reports—we are even more convinced of the enormous benefits of daylighting and the need to incorporate it as a primary light source in homes and buildings.

Participate in Eneref’s web forum to learn why Karndean building occupants were delighted with the natural interior daylight installed in their facility.

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