Eneref Network Constellations

Eneref Network Constellation Groups bring together executives and industry experts, creating an interconnected network to advance innovation and promote best practices.


To develop a Constellation group, Eneref Institute will reach out first to industry experts and executives to encourage collaboration.

Stakeholder groupings include government, research institutions, legislators, end users and businesses, to focus on innovative technologies for sustainable development and social responsibility.

Once evaluation and determinations are made to initiate a Constellation, Eneref will reach out with individual stakeholders with the goal of convening a large group of interested stakeholders and securing a commitment to proceed with the Constellation initiative.


Networking within Eneref Constellation groups leads to partnerships between end-users, businesses and researchers, facilitating the transfer of new technologies to the market.

Constellations streamline the adoption of new ideas and new technologies by providing the business community with easier access to test beds and partners for end-user pilot studies, and encourage communication between companies and end-users.

Eneref Institute serves as an advocate for each Constellation, stimulating interaction within the network, building social capital, and providing direction.


The goal of Eneref Constellation groups are to leverage expertise—especially market knowledge and market intelligence—for companies and organizations to easily share ideas and solutions and accelerate the development of new ideas.

Eneref Constellations are networks that solve challenges by spurring technology innovation, bringing cost-effective solutions in sustainable development and social responsibility.

Eneref arranges communications and networking opportunities where stakeholders can share best practices and establish cooperation.

Join an Eneref Constellation

The Heat Pump Alliance is an Eneref Institute constellation working group and part of the Cool Room Cool Earth Campaign.

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