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Right now we need to make unprecedented changes to ensure a sustainable and equitable society. This requires rapid and far-reaching transitions in land, energy, industry, buildings, transport and cities. We encourage organizations to grow sustainably and act responsibly by raising awareness for clear, specific solutions that offer an efficient use of natural resources, demonstrate social responsibility and foster a peaceful, earth-friendly economy.


There’s one thing that you don’t want, it’s aggravation and unhappy customers, so you want to sell them a good product. That’s a good product.

Howard Blady - Owner > View Eneref Report

I know about the filters because I’m friends with the custodian, but I don’t know if everyone else knows. It would make them feel like I feel—a little bit safer.

Ieisha Borden - Secretary > View Eneref Report

We should all have inverter-driven variable speed technology systems because we’d save energy and operating cost, be more comfortable, and reduce our carbon footprint. There’s really no downside.

Bill Goetzler - Navigant Managing Director > View Eneref Report

The school facilities division is implementing a strategic approach to help maintain the health and safety of all building occupants.

John Shea - Chief Executive Officer > View Eneref Report

What I can tell you is that walking into every one of those dorm rooms, the cooling and ventilation worked really well.

Joe Klein - Project Manager, Reeves Young > View Eneref Report

Most PTACs and VTACs can control temperature, but any humidity control is subsequent, or ancillary, to the temperature control. The Friedrich VRP unit specifically cools and addresses room humidity.

Rick Frey - Senior Director, Engineering Hilton Hotels > View Eneref Report

Our engineering services team pushed for theses units. We wanted something over and above that would give us better air quality and better humidity control.

Peter Morley - Program Manager Design and Construction, Emory University > View Eneref Report

I don’t know of any individual room units that do a better job with ventilation air to dilute the concentration.

Lew Harriman - Director of Research, Mason-Grant > View Eneref Report

The more ventilation you provide, the lower the concentration of whatever contaminants there might be,

Roger Hedrick - Principal Engineer with NORESCO > View Eneref Report

Fresh air gives an immediate feeling of clean, cool and calm — which is exactly the guest experience hotel owners want to give their guests,

Blair Hildahl - CEO > View Eneref Report

When you don’t control the amount of ventilation air that you have coming in, you spend extra money,. It’s expensive to take the humidity out if you don’t keep it out to begin with.

Lew Harriman - Director of Research & Consulting at Mason-Grant > View Eneref Report

But at 20 SEER, the efficiency of the unit is hard to deny.

John Mobley - VP of Sales and Marketing at Mobley Sales > View Eneref Report

This particular project was very efficient, but it also benefited from both better humidity control and better temperature control.

Amir Safaie - CEO and Engineer, Safaie Landry > View Eneref Report

When we brought the unit to everybody’s attention, everybody thought, ‘Wow, this looks like a great unit.’ I think everybody knew that it combined everything we needed into one.

Tom Little - Senior Associate, Surber Barber Choate + Hertlein Architects > View Eneref Report

Life has just become much more comfortable for us. The new air conditioner is quicker, quieter and saves us money.

Corey Sanders - Resident > View Eneref Report

We also think about society’s well-being in broader terms. We tried to make sure that what we were doing improved the wellbeing of the residents and contributed to lowering their cost to live in the space.

Raymond Kuniansky - Columbia Residential > View Eneref Report

Tenants are paying the bills, so they should have absolute control.

Peter Iodaci - Friedrich’s Director of Technical Management > View Eneref Report

When you don't control outside air in buildings, it leads to significant temperature and humidity control problems for guests and increases the chance of bacterial growth.

Terry Smith - VP of Engineering Global Design Strategies at Marriott International > View Eneref Report

If the costs were the same, then I would hope we would all have inverter-driven variable speed technology systems because we’d save energy and operating cost.

William Goetzler - Partner at Guidehouse > View Eneref Report