Eneref Intelligence Report

WE ARE PR FOR PLANET EARTH. Eneref Reports raise awareness for clear, specific solutions to climate change. We are a catalyst for change, inspiring ideas that promise a peaceful, earth-friendly economy, through socially responsible sustainable development. We leverage the powerful potential of a market-driven economy to foster a more efficient use of natural resources.

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Budget Heat Pumps Create Life Safety Risk in Warming Climate
Enforcing Mandatory Robust Building Codes For Steel Windows
Natural Daylight in Big-Box Retail Stores Boosts Consumer Sales
Classrooms Optimized With Natural Daylight Increase Student Performance
As Standard Option in Builder’s Home Designs, Skylights Increase ROI
Criteria for Evaluation: Fine Filtration For HVAC Cooling Towers
Employing Polycarbonate Components to Design Sustainable Luminaires
Criteria for Evaluation: Select-Service Hotel Indoor Air Quality
Polished Concrete Flooring
Polycarbonate in Commercial Skylights
Examination of the Use of R-32 Refrigerant in Window Air Conditioners
2015: Climate Change Challenges Unique To Women and Water
2014: The Seven Market Obstacles to Daylighting
2013 Overview of the Potential Market for Solar Heating: Africa
Examination and use of specular reflectors in Fluorescent Luminaires
2011 Examination of The Market And Sales: Us Solar Heating
2010 Examination of The Market And Sales: Us Solar Heating
2009 Examination of The Market And Sales: Us Solar Heating