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I think that the construction of the Velux skylights I specified in properties are just phenomenal. Just a beautiful piece of engineering. They're beautifully made… very thoughtful.

Shelley James - Founder > View Eneref Report

We absolutely love the Velux skylights in our artisan house. You can get really nice cross ventilation. You open up those skylights and it brings a gentle breeze right in that flows through the space.

Jeff Julian - Vice President > View Eneref Report

Skylights are not that expensive. It’s a really nice way to add some additional natural light if someone’s interested in feeling more outdoor-indoor.

Sarah Cooper - New Home Sales Consultant > View Eneref Report

Skylights add to the room’s aesthetic. Everybody who’s got a sunroom says it’s their favorite room in their house.

Michael Hoy - President and CEO > View Eneref Report

I couldn’t imagine buying a new vehicle under artificial lighting conditions.

Peter Hite - American Artist > View Eneref Report

We thought the modular skylight design was beautiful. And it also made for a much easier installation.

Stella Betts - Architect > View Eneref Report

It makes a huge difference. It’s way brighter in here, even on cloudy days.

Josh Stringer - Crews Subaru Sales Manager > View Eneref Report

They’re really, really fantastic. It’s the most dramatic room in the house.

Kathy Wong - Homeowner > View Eneref Report

We love the room we have now and we’re glad that we did it.

Rich Wong - Homeowner > View Eneref Report

I’m so happy with the results that I’ll use the same skylights.

Ed Barteet - Facility director for Crews Subaru > View Eneref Report

Before the skylights, I had a customer who said, ‘Is that color too vivid?’ But the car was gray.

Mike Driscoll - Certified Subaru Specialist > View Eneref Report

After attending a continuing education course on the importance of fall protection and the changing requirements of OSHA, we introduced the polycarbonate skylights to the district.

Tim Reidy - Architect, Hayes Design Group Architects > View Eneref Report

We felt the polycarbonate was a stronger, more durable product,

Bruce Wallick - Senior Construction Manager, Rooms To Go > View Eneref Report

Actually, it was seamless… a very easy installation.

Chris Davenport - FS Engineering & Project Administration, Cornell University > View Eneref Report

They delivered great value and were very responsive.

Art Stern - Project Manager, Cornell University > View Eneref Report

UV absorbing cap layer in polycarbonate sheet is very effectively guards it against UV light.

Ted Trautman - Technology Director for Covestro North America > View Eneref Report

The reason that the cars look better under natural light is that natural light has all of the wavelengths.

Rob Guglielmetti - Engineer of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory > View Eneref Report

The skylights make a difference because you can see the natural color of the car better.

Rhett Crull - Crews Subaru Specialist > View Eneref Report

The reason that the cars look better under natural light is that natural light has all of the wavelengths.

Rob Guglielmetti - Engineer of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory > View Eneref Report

Color can be just as big a draw as the functional aspects of a car.

Kenneth Lin - Director of Product Management for Subaru of America > View Eneref Report

Adding more daylight helps our customers live more comfortably in their homes.

Sarah Fisher - VP of Design at h.a. Fisher Homes > View Eneref Report

We’ve got buyers who recognized that if you reduce your dependence on electric lighting, and your dependence on the air conditioner because you are able to get good venting through skylights—that appeals to them.

Paul Foresman - Director of Business Development of Design Basics > View Eneref Report

These devices bring in a usable amount of light earlier and later in the day.

Mark Jongewaard - LTI Optics President > View Eneref Report

These windows can even let in fresh air when the homeowners are away from home, without them having to think about safety or weather.

Hugh Fisher - President of h.a. Fisher Homes > View Eneref Report

I would totally say it was worth it. The first time that I walked in, I loved it. It was so refreshing. I felt good immediately.

Ashley Guyer - Staff Zone, Corporate Recruiter > View Eneref Report

The benefits outweighed the cost. No matter what the price was, we wouldn’t have done it any other way. That’s how significant the impact is.

Sherri Harris - Staff Zone’s CEO > View Eneref Report

Once I saw it, the skylight tied everything together and made the office look gorgeous.

Laura Green Rothermel - Designer, Staffzone > View Eneref Report

It’s really a very strong and super-reinforced metal and glass skylight up there.

Jeff Thomas - Owner of Thomas Custom Properties > View Eneref Report

The warranties squelched any worries that we had and their demeanor, decorum and confidence were decisive for us.

Joshua Roland - Architect > View Eneref Report

We tried to be as flexible as possible in the planning of the space so that the design studio could be configured differently in the future,

Adam Yarinsky - FAIA LEED AP, a principal with AR > View Eneref Report

We were strongly cognizant of the fact that it needs to work well when there’s no daylight,

Mitul Parekh - Worked at Kugler Tillotson Associates > View Eneref Report

We took the time to consider preservation versus reconstruction versus new construction and whether architectural authenticity resides in the material itself or in the design and specifications.

Kent Kleinman - University Architect’s office > View Eneref Report

Our workers had no prior experience with this type of skylight and they went in without issues.

Norman Rockefeller - GC, The Pike Company > View Eneref Report

Having skylights in the dealership will allow customers to see the car’s true color.

Jane Harrington - Manager, Global Color Styling for PPG Industries. View Eneref Report

I would absolutely do what we’ve done here again in a new facility.

Malcolm Nightingale - Operations Manager, Rooms To Go > View Eneref Report

In all the buildings I’ve ever designed, they always have had a daylight component, because it just makes sense

Gerard Lee - Architect with Harley Ellis Devereaux > View Eneref Report

It’s a really well built, well detailed, high thermal performance skylight. It’s super cost-affordable because it’s modular.

Andrew Feuerstein - Architect with Leven Betts > View Eneref Report

I knew the ceilings were going to be beautiful with those light shafts cut through, and they are. It’s a really nice space.

Andrea Kowalski - Owner, Andrea Kowalski Architect LLC > View Eneref Report

Everybody comments on it because of the openness and the daylight. And when the moon’s just in the right spot—it’s great.

The Homeowner > View Eneref Report

They functioned well, they looked good, and they provided lots of light to the space.

James LaPiana - Architect with The Evans Group > View Eneref Report

You wouldn’t believe it, how much daylight it makes inside the building. I mean it’s phenomenal.

Keith Bonn - Facilities Coordinator, Delta Gear View Eneref Report