Seminars by Eneref Institute

The Seminars published by Eneref are criteria for evaluation that cover topics ranging from corporate social responsibility to sustainable development as criteria for evaluation.

Our Market Analysis reports are available for download at Intelligence Reports page, at no cost. High-quality print versions of our reports are available upon request, for a fee, from our printing partner.

We raise awareness for clear, specific solutions that put forward an efficient use of natural resources, demonstrate social responsibility and foster a peaceful, earth-friendly economy.

To view our solution reports, advocating for one of our initiatives, please visit our Advocacy Reports page.

Roofing Repair Program Brings Natural Light into Massachusetts School

"I want to build our schools for how we are going to teach over the next fifty years." -- Jack McCarthy, Executive Director, Massachusetts School Building Authority.

Polished Concrete Floor at American Eagle Outfitters

"As an aesthetic for American Eagle Outfitters we really like polished concrete flooring." -- Michael Smith, Director of Store Design.

Natural Interior Daylight in Berkeley Public Library

"Having beautiful spaces was really important, and a large part of that was having daylight available at the branch." - Librarian Sarah Denton.

Natural Interior Daylight in a Luxury Florida Home

"The skylights functioned well, they looked good, and they provided lots of light to the space. So, all the things that we were wanting them to do, they did." -- James LaPiana, architect with The Evans Group.

$100 Water Filter System for Family of Ten in Haiti

"Lack of potable water and sanitation is also just as much of a women’s issue." -- Matt Damon and Gary White of

Tubular Natural Daylight System for an Industrial Facility

"I think we just got spoiled because we just really like all that light." -- Scott Sakuta, VP Sales Delta Gear.

Solar Thermal Heating in a Nevada Group Residential Home

"I was totally shocked at the size of the rebate. But I was happy for it. It really made the payback pretty decent." -- Gary Wood, a non-trustee volunteer officer of Green Chips.

Karndean Warehouse and Distribution Center

“And we definitely made the right decision. But it is even better to hear the reaction of our employees.” — Bill Anderson, Karndean VP of Operations

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