Industry Reports

The Industry reports published by Eneref cover topics ranging from corporate social responsibility to sustainable development as criteria for evaluation.

Our industry reports are available for download below, at no cost. High-quality print versions of our reports are available upon request, for a fee, from our printing partner.

We raise awareness for clear, specific solutions that put forward an efficient use of natural resources, demonstrate social responsibility and foster a peaceful, earth-friendly economy.

To view our solution reports, please visit our Eneref Reports page.

Roadmap to Efficiency: Residential Cooling by Inverter-Driven HVAC
Criteria for Evaluation: Fine Filtration For HVAC Cooling Towers
Criteria for Evaluation: Select-Service Hotel Indoor Air Quality
Polycarbonate in Commercial Skylights
Examination of the Use of R-32 Refrigerant in Window Air Conditioners
Solar thermal reduces hot water expenses for Asian Buffet Restaurant
Installation of solar hot water yields a Southwest Gas Rebate
Group residence puts in solar hot water using Southwest Gas Rebate
2013 Overview of the Potential Market for Solar Heating: Africa
Solar heating pays the hot water costs for Ashville Pizzeria
Showers heated by sunlight at an Indiana correctional facility
Solar heating cuts manufacturing costs at Milwaukee brewery
Innovative hydronics saves heating energy at Houston Doubletree
2011 Examination of The Market And Sales: Us Solar Heating
2010 Examination of The Market And Sales: Us Solar Heating
2009 Examination of The Market And Sales: Us Solar Heating