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Leaders Making an Impact

Eneref builds confidence for solutions through testimonials of industry leaders and early adaptors.

Small print: Eneref’s solutions need to align with our mission of to encourage socially responsible, earth-friendly actions.

Having skylights in the dealership will allow customers to see the car’s true color.

Jane Harrington - manager of Global Color Styling for PPG Industries. View Eneref Report

The first impression is that floor shines. I mean, that is really truly one of the first impressions when you walked through the door.

Vinny Tagliaferro - Manager, Melitta Cherry Hill View Eneref Report

I would absolutely do what we’ve done here again in a new facility.

Malcolm Nightingale - Operations Manager, Rooms To Go View Eneref Report

You definitely get that feeling of daylight in the hallways and the classrooms.

Phillip Williams - Energy Manager, Town of Ashland View Eneref Report

We looked for opportunities to leverage best practices within budget that are environmentally conscious.

Bill Anderson - VP Operations, Karndean Flooring View Eneref Report

We are complimented almost daily on the beauty of the floors.

Brenda Parker - Principal, Alberta School View Eneref Report

As an aesthetic for American Eagle Outfitters, we really like polished concrete flooring.

Michael Smith - Director of Store Design, American Eagle Outfitters View Eneref Report

When the renovation was complete, it was unbelievable. Students were astonished by the results.

Ken Fibbi - Director of Buildings for the West Allegheny School Distric View Eneref Report

It’s essentially a product that will last indefinitely, it just takes wear and tear perfectly.

Jordan Morris - Architect and Project Manager with Ward Scott Architecture View Eneref Report

The unpretentious, utilitarian qualities of concrete convey honesty and integrity,

David Schwing - BAR Architects View Eneref Report

In all the buildings I’ve ever designed, they always have had a daylight component, because it just makes sense

Gerard Lee - Architect with Harley Ellis Devereaux View Eneref Report

It’s a really well built, well detailed, high thermal performance skylight. It’s super cost-affordable because it’s modular.

Andrew Feuerstein - Architect with Leven Betts View Eneref Report

I was totally shocked at the size of the rebate. But I was happy for it. It really made the payback pretty decent.

Gary Wood - Renewable Energy Program Manager for the Southern Nevada Water Utility View Eneref Report

We need to look for every way to save a dollar so we don’t jeopardize the critical services we’re offering.

Major Bob Lloyd - Salvation Army Clark County Coordinator. View Eneref Report

We’re pleased to make this investment in sustainability to demonstrate our commitment to this great city.

Gary Shapiro - President and CEO of CEA View Eneref Report

It made sense economically, so we jumped on it…. so that is well worth it to me.

Steve Rypka - LEED Certified Consultant View Eneref Report

I think that they are a very elegant solution.

Professor Bob Boehm - Director, Center for Energy Research at UNLV View Eneref Report

I knew the ceilings were going to be beautiful with those light shafts cut through, and they are. It’s a really nice space.

Andrea Kowalski - Owner, Andrea Kowalski Architect LLC View Eneref Report

Overall it’s great – the kids definitely enjoy having natural light in there, it’s just a much more natural feel.

William Teal - Science Teacher, Alvin Junior High School View Eneref Report

Everybody comments on it because of the openness and the daylight. And when the moon’s just in the right spot—it’s great.

The Homeowner View Eneref Report

The skylights make the whole room look great. Our lunch run is phenomenal.

John Jameson - Retail In-Store Manager, United Supermarkets View Eneref Report

It’s not even comparable. Everybody knows it. It’s not even the same place.

Steven Hawn - Contractor, Frazier Service View Eneref Report

They functioned well, they looked good, and they provided lots of light to the space.

James LaPiana - Architect with The Evans Group View Eneref Report

You wouldn’t believe it, how much daylight it makes inside the building. I mean it’s phenomenal.

Keith Bonn - Facilities Coordinator, Delta Gear View Eneref Report

During the warmer sunny days, I have been able to keep the boiler turned off 24 hours.

Dr. Kettering - The Homeowner View Eneref Report

The 120,000 square foot space is lit really well, very clean and very efficient. Great overall luminosity.

Anthony Zahner - Project Manager, ZPD+A Architects View Eneref Report

People comment that it seems bright and very safe.

Paul Lerubino - COO, Parkway View Eneref Report

Customers have noticed the panels, and hopes they serve as an inspiration for other local businesses as well.

Jeremias Prenatt - Manager, Mellow Mushroom View Eneref Report

There’s really virtually no maintenance to it once it’s up.

Rick Larsen - Dir of Comms, Wabash Valley Correctional Facility View Eneref Report

Throughout the year, the brewery will see a natural gas savings of over 50%.

Adam Gusse - Project Manager, H&H Solar Energy Services, Inc View Eneref Report