Word of mouth is a primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions and delivers a sustainable and significant competitive edge few other marketing approaches can match.

Leaders Making an Impact

Eneref builds confidence for solutions through testimonials of industry leaders and early adaptors.

Small print: Eneref’s solutions need to align with our mission of to encourage socially responsible, earth-friendly actions.

Having skylights in the dealership will allow customers to see the car’s true color.

Jane Harrington - manager of Global Color Styling for PPG Industries. View Eneref Report

The first impression is that floor shines. I mean, that is really truly one of the first impressions when you walked through the door.

Vinny Tagliaferro - Manager, Melitta Cherry Hill View Eneref Report

I would absolutely do what we’ve done here again in a new facility.

Malcolm Nightingale - Operations Manager, Rooms To Go View Eneref Report

You definitely get that feeling of daylight in the hallways and the classrooms.

Phillip Williams - Energy Manager, Town of Ashland View Eneref Report

We looked for opportunities to leverage best practices within budget that are environmentally conscious.

Bill Anderson - VP Operations, Karndean Flooring View Eneref Report

We are complimented almost daily on the beauty of the floors.

Brenda Parker - Principal, Alberta School View Eneref Report

As an aesthetic for American Eagle Outfitters, we really like polished concrete flooring.

Michael Smith - Director of Store Design, American Eagle Outfitters View Eneref Report

When the renovation was complete, it was unbelievable. Students were astonished by the results.

Ken Fibbi - Director of Buildings for the West Allegheny School Distric View Eneref Report

It’s essentially a product that will last indefinitely, it just takes wear and tear perfectly.

Jordan Morris - Architect and Project Manager with Ward Scott Architecture View Eneref Report

The unpretentious, utilitarian qualities of concrete convey honesty and integrity,

David Schwing - BAR Architects View Eneref Report

In all the buildings I’ve ever designed, they always have had a daylight component, because it just makes sense

Gerard Lee - Architect with Harley Ellis Devereaux View Eneref Report

It’s a really well built, well detailed, high thermal performance skylight. It’s super cost-affordable because it’s modular.

Andrew Feuerstein - Architect with Leven Betts View Eneref Report

I was totally shocked at the size of the rebate. But I was happy for it. It really made the payback pretty decent.

Gary Wood - Renewable Energy Program Manager for the Southern Nevada Water Utility View Eneref Report

We need to look for every way to save a dollar so we don’t jeopardize the critical services we’re offering.

Major Bob Lloyd - Salvation Army Clark County Coordinator. View Eneref Report

We’re pleased to make this investment in sustainability to demonstrate our commitment to this great city.

Gary Shapiro - President and CEO of CEA View Eneref Report

It made sense economically, so we jumped on it…. so that is well worth it to me.

Steve Rypka - LEED Certified Consultant View Eneref Report
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